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The 7 Best Horror Comedy Movies

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Good the comedy is very similar to good horror. It’s all about the unexpected, timing and buildup followed by a shocking climax. However, while one seeks to make you laugh, the other is there to inspire fear, and while fusion is rare, the few that exist have yielded great results.

As the horror genre has evolved, horror comedies have become more relevant, and here are some of the best that modern cinema has to offer.

evil death 2

Second feature film by Sam Raimi, Evil Dead II: Dead by Daylight, is arguably his best. Anchored by the charm of Bruce Campbell, Evil Dead 2 is just plain fun. It’s silly and ridiculously over the top, but still pretty scary. For gore lovers, Evil Dead 2 is neck-deep in the guts and reaches head height with humor. Who can say no to Bruce Campbell brandishing a chainsaw on his stump arm?

Evil Dead 2 is available to stream on Hulu.

An American werewolf in London

A formative film for the genre, An American werewolf in London remains a highly effective comedy with stunning special effects from industry icon Rick Baker, who won an Oscar for his efforts on the film. Director John Landis was initially told by the studio that An American werewolf in London was too funny to be a horror movie and too gruesome to be a comedy. The egg is firmly on their faces some 40 years later.

An American werewolf in London is available to stream on peacock and Amazon Prime Video.

Ready or Not

From director duo Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, Ready or Not is really fun. As Samara Weaving’s character tries to fit in with her new extended family, she’s thrown into a very dangerous game of hide-and-seek. Highly humorous, very socially conscious and just a fun 95 minute getaway, there are far worse ways to spend an evening. Ready or Not is proud to be one of the best movies of 2019.

Ready or Not can be enjoyed on Amazon Prime Video.

Shaun of the dead

The first in the Edgar Wright cornetto trilogy, Shaun of the Dead is an unapologetically British zombie flick, probably because it doesn’t take itself even a little seriously. With a sharp wit, a fine cast of actors, and one of cinema’s finest bromances, Shaun of the dead definitely looks good 20 years after its original release. He secures a spot on the list for using a Prince Batman vinyl to kill a zombie. Good work.

Shaun of the Dead can be streamed on Starz Where Amazon Prime Video.

little monsters

Set on a field trip from an Australian primary school to farmland, little monsters is a delightfully fun zombie game. The choice of sets and the use of Australia makes it stand out much more, and with two great performances from Lupita Nyong’o and Alexander England, it’s hard to say no. Congratulations to Frozen‘s Josh Gad, a comedic genius who gave his all in his role as an icon of children’s entertainment and quite possibly the worst man alive.

little monsters is available to stream on Hulu.


Not only does it qualify for a horror-comedy article, but it would also easily be considered one of the best Christmas movies of all time. Gremlins is always fantastic. The puppet and animatronic expertise that brought the titular gremlins to life is astounding. Led by Chris Walas, a makeup artist who later worked on David Cronenberg Fly and naked lunch. If you haven’t seen GremlinsWhat are you doing with your life?

Gremlins can be viewed at netflix, HBO Max Where Amazon Prime Video.

Anna and the apocalypse

Not just a horror movie, not just a comedy, not just a horror musical, but a Christmas horror musical. Until 2018, such an obscure combination would never have been thought possible. Hugely entertaining with captivating musical numbers, you’d be sorely missed if Anna and the apocalypse wasn’t on your watch list. Zombies and musicals – what a combo.

Anna and the apocalypse can be enjoyed on Amazon Prime Video.