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The best romantic vampire movies that aren’t twilight

If you are like the rest of the internet, you are probably immersed in the dusk rebirth – a resurgence of love for the early 2000s series. The increase in attention to the saga also means an increase in criticism directed at the “epic” – but often destructive, love between Bella and Edward. Of course, the awareness continues to dusk isn’t always positive, but you can’t deny the allure of watching a bunch of sexy vampires fall in love. There is something captivating about watching the forbidden fantasy novels of vampire movies. But don’t charge if you’ve never felt the love of Team Edward Where Jacob team, these equally (if not more) romantic vampire movies will meet all your bloodthirsty needs.

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A girl comes home alone at night


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A western-romance-horror mashup, A girl comes home alone at night is a feminist film worthy of its praise. In a dilapidated Iranian town lives an unnamed vampire (Sheila vand) who travels the earth on a skateboard. Unknown to the few residents of Bad City, the lonely vampiric woman roams the streets at night, hunting down men who mistreat and mistreat women. Although she lives her life on the basis of a strict moral code, the woman lacks any kind of meaningful human connection. Arash (Arash Marandi), a heavily indebted city citizen, struggles to support himself and his drug addict father. When a chain of bloody circumstances has led the couple to meet, the equally desperate duo find themselves unable to escape their unique bond. Although A girl comes home alone at night is not as reliant on romance as dusk, the film is a dark and gripping tale of two lonely people finding solace in each other and is an original love story. Accompanied by grainy black and white shots, the film is a beautifully intimate take on the genre.

Only lovers will stay alive

Only lovers will stay alive

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Featuring the odd combination of Tilda swinton and Tom hiddleston, Only lovers will stay alive tells the story of a centuries-old married couple living their vampiric life through a long-distance relationship. Adam (Hiddleston), a musician, became sorry for his unrecognized long life. His wife, Eve (Swinton), comes to console her husband after realizing his suicidal thoughts. The couple’s sweet reunion is quickly ruined when Eve’s younger sister (Mia Wasikowska) reveal. Eve drinks Adam’s blood supply, forcing the couple to hunt for their next meal. Adam and Eve’s love story is much more mature than Dusk Bella and Edward and it works for the benefit of the film. This is not a young love affair or a new relationship, Only lovers will stay aliveS story tells what happens in a decades-old romance. It’s moving, funny and captivatingly original.

Blood and roses

Blood and roses

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An adaptation of the famous short story, Camille, erotic horror movie from 1960 Blood and roses warns viewers against jealousy, lust, and wearing the clothes of your deceased vampire ancestors. A lonely heiress, Carmilla (Annette Vadim), becomes more and more jealous of her cousin (Mel Ferrer) engagement with her friend Georgia (Elsa Martinelli). As her envy grows for her cousin’s lover, Carmilla becomes fanatic about the story of a suspected vampire relative. When her cousin throws a ball to celebrate her upcoming marriage, Carmilla, accompanied by the spirit of her vampire parent, decides to barbarically make her presence at the event. The film is ridiculous in the best possible way, shamelessly celebrating the quirks of its vampiric possession plot while artfully depicting its 1960s setting. While not as evident in its LGBT + themes as it is in its source material , Blood and roses is a good choice for anyone else who wants Alice and Bella to have reunited for dusk.

The thirst


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Loosely based on a novel from the 1800s, famous Korean director Park chan-wook dive into the horribly hot world of vampires with The thirst. A beloved priest, Sang-hyun (Song Kang Ho), volunteers to undergo medical experiments in the hope of creating a vaccine against a deadly virus. The experiment fails and the priest is infected with the virus, resulting in a blood transfusion. Sang-hyun miraculously recovers – something that should be impossible. Sang-hyun reconnects with his childhood friend, Kang-woo (Shin ha-kyun) and his wife, Tae-ju (Kim ok-bin), finding himself attracted to it. Soon Sang-hyun realizes that his state of health only persists when he drinks human blood. The man is torn between his Catholic faith and his thirst for blood and his best friend’s wife. The thirst works perfectly for someone who has enjoyed the passion of dusk, but looking for something a little more exciting. The film captures the forbidden romantic aspect, but presents it in a horribly original way.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)


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Of course, the quintessential vampire tale! Broken by his wife (Winona ryder) sucide, a 15th century prince, Count Dracula (Gary Oldman), gives up his human ways to become the famous legendary vampire. Centuries later, a lawyer (Keanu reeves) arrives at Dracula about a real estate transaction. When Dracula sees a photo of the man’s fiancé, he sees his late wife looking back. Convinced that she is the reincarnation of his beloved, Dracula begins a war to bring her home. Francis Ford Coppola‘s Dracula has gained a notable cult following over the years for its version of the classic Gothic tale, with much love for Oldman’s acting as well as for the magnificent set design of the Victorian era. While the film still has its fair share of criticism, including Reeves’ interesting accent choices, the film’s beautifully atmospheric nature made it stand out from the crowd of many Dracula remakes.

The wisdom of the crocodiles / Immortality


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Jude law plays an aging vampire who fueled his thirst for blood by feeding off helpless single women. No longer able to feed on the lonely’s blood, the vampire seeks the juvenile plasma of a woman who will love him. He is chasing a beautiful scientist, Anne (Elina Löwensohn), seduce the woman in a relationship. As the feelings between the couple grow on each other, the vampire knows that only one will come out alive. If you feel like you’ve grown up since the end of Twilight’s fairy tale, then this could be the perfect choice for you. The adult character of The wisdom of crocodiles (also known as Immortality) takes the best elements of Dusk teenage love story and pushes them further, making a trait more alluring and mature. And of course, the romance of the movie isn’t exactly healthy, but hey, neither was. dusk.

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