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University students rewarded for romance films

gurgling, a 14-minute tale created by a team of students from the Central Academy of Drama, won Best Picture at Lushan International Romance Film Week. [Photo provided to China Daily]

A mysterious tourist. A budding young guide. Their journey to find a lesser-known waterfall reveals a heartbreaking romance in Gurglingthe best film winner of the just-concluded third Lushan International Romance Film Week.

Co-directed by Li Xinyu and Huo Zhenjie, two students from the Central Academy of Drama, the 14-minute short film is about Li Congcong, a young woman who refuses her boyfriend’s suggestion to seek better opportunities in Changsha. , in Hunan Province, chooses to stay on Lushan Mountain in Jiangxi Province as a guide. She stumbles upon an elderly tourist, who pays her to find a waterfall, which was important to her love with her husband years ago, thus embarking on a life-changing journey to push her to re-examine the meaning of life and her attitude. to love.

Shen Xiaoping, who plays the previously missing father in the Nanjing Arts University short story Look at Lushan Mountainwon Best Actor, and Best Actress went to Lu Yuxin, who plays the daughter of a movie projectionist in Shansi Taohua Shi Shengkai (Peach Blossoms Begin to Bloom in the Mountainous Temple), a work created by students from Chongqing University.

The 11 awards are given to a total of 11 shortlisted teams from more than 70 applicants at 40 colleges. They received financial support from the festival to shoot their short films, on the theme of the Lushan mountain where Romance on Lushan Mountainthe first Chinese film to contain a kiss scene to break the taboo of on-screen intimacy was made over 40 years ago.

Poster of the award-winning short film
Gurgling. [Photo provided to China Daily]