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Valimai Review – The Double Alpha of Action Movies

After a tedious wait, Ajith’s valimai finally sees the light and before we get into the review, we have to say that it’s definitely worth the wait. The film begins with murders and robberies committed by a motorcycle gang and ACP Arjun is transferred to Chennai and given the case. While trying to figure out the chain thieves, Arjun discovers that a bigger crime is happening behind it and with the help of a highly technical web network, he finds the culprit as Karthikeya.

When he arrests Karthikeya there is a twist in the story as his own brother is also a part of these crimes and what happens next is a crazy action rush. The film constantly surprises with Jaw dropping action scenes and making us feel the heat. The sequence just before the interval block, when Ajith chases the group on his bike, made me gasp because it was so powerful. The picture is action-packed, but it never feels scrappy or disjointed. This is what sets it apart from other action movies. With scary moments and poignant parts with motherly compassion, the film stands out.

The film is both stylish and substantial. The script is impeccable and the action sequences will leave you speechless. You’ll squeal with joy every time a racing bike appears on screen and a bad guy is beaten or their bike is destroyed, and we all love to see good triumph over evil. On the other hand, the movie has a very pathetic musical score and background and it never did those hardcore action sequences justice. Besides ajith, huma qureshi and karthikeya also nailed their characters and their screen space was pretty solid.

All in all, Valimai is definitely the Double Alpha of action movies!