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Vidyut Jammwal Says Action Movies Give Her ‘Headaches’; Here’s why!

Vidyut Jammwal is one of the few Bollywood actors currently directing action movies like a pro! Known for his powerful moves and athletic body, the 41-year-old can surely pull off any stunt, unlined, with utmost ease, leaving viewers in awe. But the action star himself isn’t a big fan of action movies, yes you got it right! Vidyut himself revealed in one of his candid interviews how much he doesn’t like watching action movies. Full notes for honesty though!

Vidyut shared how he can only act in action movies but cannot watch one. “I don’t like to watch the action, the genre… It gives me a headache. There are too many “dang-dhadang”. I like making it. I’ve always enjoyed watching romantic movies more than anything else,” he said. When I was a kid, when I watched Jackie Chan, I loved (watching him) doing crazy stuff. Now I give it to other people and I love it,” he continued.

He further shared how, although he’s not a big fan of thriller movies, he does indeed enjoy shooting them. “We don’t have the actors to perform (such stunts), we don’t have the directors to do it. We have people who believe they can make action films but they really don’t have the capacity to do so. To shoot an action movie, you have to really appreciate the genre, the way it kicks and punches,” he said.

“You have to have some combat experience. I’m not saying they have to be martial artists, but they have to understand human abilities. I don’t think we have too many people here to do that,” he said.

He added: “If I find someone who understands him, I will work with him. Action is the number one genre but we don’t have directors with such a vision, I want to bet on directors who really have it in them (to make movies) but don’t have the ability to socialize and be there at parties. I wanted to give people like me a break, and by break I don’t mean I’m “throwing” them. I just wanted to bet on people because someone also bet on me.

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The action star has many movies like ‘Indian 2’, ‘Sher Singh Raana’, ‘Khuda Haafiz Chaper 2’ in his kitty for release this year.