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Why The Future Of DC’s Live-Action Movies Is Bright

It’s no secret that the DCEU struggling to find its place. Nine years after the release of Steel man, Warner Bros. continues to lag Marvel’s cinematic machine in terms of box office returns and positive reviews. The Warner Bros. merger. Discovery has introduced new management eager to see DC’s hottest names get the favorable treatment they deserve in a so-called 10-year plan that hopes to put the franchise’s rocky past behind them. With Black AdamDwayne Johnson, who plays the DC heavyweight villainwent so far as to call his film the start of the DCEU’s first phase.


Four films have been confirmed by Warner Bros. for a 2023 release date, including long-delayed sequels Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom as good as Shazam: Fury of the Gods. Already, the studio is hard at work strategizing for what’s to come.

James Gunn has a mysterious project in the works

James Gunn has a knack for taking unknown characters and turning them into fan favorites. guardians of the galaxy was a fun property that remained mostly unknown to the larger MCU fanbase until Gunn worked his magic. Likewise, Gunn brought his talents to work on the latest reboot of The Suicide Squad, which received a much better reception than its lackluster predecessor. According to an exclusive with The Hollywood ReporterGunn has now launched a DC Mystery Project.

The first logical choice for what this project might entail would be a spin-off focusing on one or more characters from The Suicide Squad. After all, Gunn has repeatedly mentioned his discussions with Margot Robbie in terms of future Harley Quinn projects. Deathstroke is also a standout contender, as Gunn has mentioned he plans to use the supervillain for hire in The Suicide Squad. Given Gunn’s propensity for casting underrepresented and obscure characters, the true nature of his mystery project will be hard to guess until the studio is ready to speak out on the matter.

The long-awaited man of steel 2

Henry Cavill’s 2013 sequel Steel man was to be developed almost immediately after the film’s release. Since then, many obstacles have stood in the way of Superman’s full-throated comeback. Early development found the following Evolve in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, while subsequent negotiations between Cavill and the studio did not result in an agreement.

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The new heads of Warner Bros. hope to right the ship as man of steel 2 re-entered development. According to the same exclusivity, man of steel 2 is actively looking for screenwriters and directors willing to tackle the film. Henry Cavill is expected to return for the 2013 follow-up, as Warner Bros. seems intent on giving fans more of his particular iteration of the iconic superhero. Additionally, Superman appears in black adam – It would be a rather strange decision if the studio planned to abandon Cavill for another actor.

As for what the story may be and when fans can expect to watch it, the internet is full of guesswork. Regardless of the wait, let’s hope the studio keeps its promise to properly develop its flagship properties before releasing them to disappointed audiences.

flash movies

The controversies of Ezra Miller next to, the flash should be among the best DC movies still offered in the fledgling franchise. The Hollywood Reporter exclusive also revealed that the script for Lightning 2 has already been written by Aquaman David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, who wrote the screenplay for Aquaman. This shows the enormous confidence the studio has in the film, which is not slated for release until June 23, 2023.

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Whether the flash may live up to expectations, both critically and financially, chances are the studio is willing to look past Ezra Miller’s sordid history in hopes of building a strong franchise. . However, Warner Bros. is not without options if they choose to part ways with Miller. Current DCEU stories are full of multi-dimensional theory and time tampering – in other words, the perfect guise to revamp Miller’s version of Wally West, should the need arise.

Battverse by Matt Reeves

Arguably the only DC property to receive the full gamut of success was The Batman. Directed by Matt Reeves, the reboot of Gotham’s masked vigilante was well received by millions of fans worldwide as they packed theaters for the film’s audacious three-hour runtime. The exclusive also shed light on what could be next for the expansion. batverse. It was noted that Reeves was meeting with various directors and writers as part of a rumor to take on some of Gotham’s biggest criminal names. Rumor has itThe Batman spin off include projects focused on Scarecrow, Mister Pyg, and even Clayface.

Since Matt Reeve’s Gotham-centric universe is considered a separate entity from the main DCEU, he has a lot more freedom to direct the growth of Caped Crusader’s Rogues’ Gallery. This gives Reeves the ability to manually select characters that will complement Robert Pattinson’s Batman and introduce them at a pace that makes sense for his particular vision.

Amidst all the fevered questions and speculation, one thing is certain – Next The Penguin The HBO Max series and the untitled Arkham Asylum project are just the tip of Matt Reeves’ iceberg. We can only hope the rest of the DCEU manages to follow.